Yuna (ユーナ


(アートクラス : アート&クラフト 担当)


Hi everyone, I am happy to introduce myself as your new art teacher!


When I was studying art in the U.S., all my friends called me Yuna, because the could not pronounce my name properly. So you can call me Yuna Sensei!

I studied oil painting in the Midwest and studied stage art in New York, and now I am learning ceramics art in Tokyo.
My three children love and enjoy art and they are very good at English as well!


I am very excited to meet all the wonderful little artists at Little Kids ABC.




私の子供達が小学生の頃、夏休みを利用して私はNYで美術を、子供達はサマーキャンプでアートと英語を学びました。そのせいかどうか、今でも3人の子供達はアートと英語が大好きです。Little Kids ABCのアートタイムには私の子供達がNYのサマーキャンプで習った可笑しなアイデアも時々登場します。実はこっそり子供達に思い出してもらい、教えてもらっています。NY仕込みの小さなサプライズがあるかも知れませんよ。楽しみにしていて下さいね。





Maria Chesska A. Huidem  (チェスカ)


( ミュージック&プレイクラス  担当)


Management Accounting

Sacred Heart College


Hello everybody! I am pleased to introduce myself as your new English Teacher! All my friends and relatives call me Chesska, my second name, so you can call me Chesska!


 I studied kindergarten to college in a private school and attained a 4 years degree of BS Management Accounting. I enjoyed cheerleading and community volunteering. Also, I'm proud to be a Christian. I do love kids and English tv shows or series.


 I have a lot of English speaker friends and an aunt in London and relatives in Hawaii, so I like to speak English and sing English songs very much. I am very excited to meet all the adorable kids in Little Kids ABC.






Yasuko Nakata  (中多 泰子)









I have spent my childhood in Thailand, because of my
father's business, for three years. I have also been in the United States as an exchange student when I was a high school student for a year. I worked as a cabin attendant of JAL after graduating junior college.

Since I got married, I have lived in three countries
other than Japan. In total I have spent 14 years in London, Singapore, San Jose and Los Angeles.

I have three sons, they are 22, 20 and 16 years old.
I believe that raising a
child is one of the most worthwhile jobs with lots of love.

I would be more than happy if my experience could
help you with raising your





Keiko Ueno 




State University of New York SUNY)



I have a 2 years old boy. I am really enjoying Eurhythmics, English and Swimming with my little boy as a mother, as well as all of whom looking at this page & looking for any kind of good classes for children.


I majored in Businees and Travel & Tourism in the U.S.. Afterwards, I started to work for a company & got a lot of experiences. Studying abroad was kind of hard for me though if I have a chance, I wanna go again, perhaps, with my little boy….


Hope all of you would enjoy our various classes & your children who are attending our classes become fluently bilingual!!


See you in the classes!


Thank you for taking your time.